Our Team

Patrick O’Sullivan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Patrick has over 25 years design and product development experience in RF and wireless applications. Prior to founding RF Integration he held positions at Alpha Industries (Skyworks), M/A-Com and Pacific Monolithics. As Director of the RFIC Business Unit at Alpha Industries, Patrick executed a growth strategy that resulted in a ten-fold increase in revenue. Patrick has guided RF Integration from its initial base of design services to full turn key product development, establishing a rich base of background IP, superior processes and tool sets and a quality management system that focusses on customer satisfaction. Under Patrick’s leadership, RF Integration has expanded into highly integrated Silicon and CMOS designs from 250nm to 65nm, full System in Package solutions and custom IP offerings.

Finbarr McGrath, VP Technology Development

Finbarr has over 25 years experience in MMICs, RFICs, RF circuitry and systems. At RF Integration, Finbarr is the primary point of contact for new customers, partners and applications and guiding the transition from custom design to more standardized and scalable product offerings. Prior to RF Integration, Finbarr spent 19 years at M/A-COM Inc. where he developed highly integrated RFICs for digital cordless phones, wideband control components, 10W RF switches for cellular applications , and telemetry Chip Sets for high-g munitions. He also pioneered a GPS product that uses vehicle data for highly accurate positioning in urban canyons. Finbarr has served in marketing and business management roles most notably an RFIC business that deployed over 150 million devices in cell phones. Finbarr have been awarded 5 patents in IC technology, Radio systems and GPS.

John Broderick, Director, RF Systems Engineering

John has 15 years RF design and system development experience and currently leads the RF system team at RF Integration. John has responsibility for the system level specification and design of transceiver products for many wireless applications including BWA, UWB and WLAN. He is also the primary architect for RF Integration’s proprietary System Accelerator (SAX) tools. Prior to joining RF Integration, John was with M/A-Com, where he worked on RF transceiver design, and wireless systems for telemetry and communication applications. John holds both BEng (Hons), and MEngSc degrees from University College Cork, Ireland.

Michael Frey, Director Applications Engineering

Mike has over 15 years experience in wireless systems and RF/Analog circuit design. He has developed digital transmit and receiving systems for both commercial and military applications. Responsible for complete communication systems from antenna through ADC/DAC and digital baseband, Mike currently serves as Director of Applications for RF Integration, Inc. In this role, Mike is the primary customer interface during the validation and product release phase. Mike has been involved in the definition and development of many wireless RFIC products including: GPS, 802.11, Ultra-wideband and WiMAX as well as many custom applications. Prior to joining RF Integration, Mike held engineering positions Trakus Inc, Raytheon, and Assurance Technology. Michael holds a BSEE from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an MSEE from Northeastern University, Boston.

Greg Regan, Director of Operations

Greg has over 25 years of experience in semiconductor process engineering, packaging engineering and operations management. As Director of Operations, Greg is responsible for both domestic and offshore packaging operations for a variety of products. These include operations in the USA, and several countries in Asia. The various package styles include hermetic, plastic, optical and multi-chip modules. Greg has worked extensively with RF Integration’s design engineering and production operations to transition a number of products from design into high volume production. Prior to joining RF Integration, he worked with Alpha Industries and CP Clare Corporation as a Packaging Engineer. He also has held positions at EG&G Electro Optics as a Wafer Process Engineer and. Greg holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and has completed Certificates of Professional Achievement programs in Technology Management as well as Semiconductor Science and Microelectronics.