Turn Key RFIC

RF Systems Design ServicesRF Systems Design Services


  • Super-Het
  • Direct Conversion
  • Low IF


  • SiGe, & CMOS


  • Assembly and Test
  • Prototype Validation

RF Integration offers Full Turn-Key product development of custom RF Integrated Circuits (RFICs) or mixed signal ICs. RF Integration designs with a Total Systems Perspective. Using proprietary tools such as our System Accelerator tool (SAX) and industry standard tool sets from Agilent and Cadence, RF Integration supports a full turn-key design flow with a focus on ease of use and overall system performance verified through the design cycle. RF Integration will also qualify your RFIC for production support the transition to volume production and support your production needs.

RF Integration supports all elements of a Turn Key design cycle.


RFIC DesignFrom high performance building blocks such as Low Noise Amplifiers or VCOs to complete Radio Systems, RF Integration designs with a Total System Perspective. All designs are verified with industry standard tool sets. A high degree of customer involvement and sign off is integral to RF integration’s design process.



Wafer Fabrication

RFIC Wafer FabricationOur strategic relationships with best-in class-foundries ensure the selection of optimum process technology based on required performance, technical risk and cost competitiveness. RF Integration can serve as the primary foundry interface or support the customers process selection.




RFIC Wafer FabricationSelection of the assembly and package supplier is crucial to RF performance. Poor control of assembly variations such as bondwire length can affect yield and performance. RF Integration’s relationships with well established and ITAR approved partners ensure a robust supply chain.




RFIC ValidationRF Integration’s universal test platfom, icECAPS, supports full circuit level validation. Complex RFICs can have many  configurations. icECAPS automates the validation process with application driven testing and complete custom test reports. A design transitions to production with high confidence of system compliance.



Production Release

RFIC Product ReleaseTest and validation are considerations are taken into account during the initial phases of design. Test modes and test ports support predefined test vectors. Design and release of handler boards ensures a high degree of correlation between production test data and system compliance.

Our engineers have developed highly integrated RFICs for:

  • Cellular (GSM, CDMA, W-CDMA, HSDPA),
  • GPS/GNSS (Commercial and Military GPS in both L1 and L2 bands),
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n, WiFi and proprietary ISM band applications,
  • 802.15.1 (Bluetooth), 802.14.4 (Zigbee) and 802.15.3 (WiMedia ) standards,
  • WiMax, MMDS, and wideband fixed wireless networks,
  • Custom solutions for military radar , cellular backhaul and wideband systems.