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N.R.G. Technologies to represent RF Integration's products and services in Israel

RF Integration has selected N.R.G. Technologies to represent its product and services in Israel. The additional sales and marketing resources provided by EMY-Tech allows RF Integration’s Israeli customers to enjoy First Class local support all the way to production. N.R.G. Technologies will extend RF Integration’s existing partnerships with Tier One customers in Israel and develop new ones. With the strong local presence of N.R.G. Technologies and breadth or product offerings from RF Integration, Israeli customers can now enjoy unrivaled support as they develop their product roadmaps in one of the world’s most dynamic markets.

Jiatao to represent RF Integration's product and services in China

RF Integration has selected Jiatao Industries to represent its products and services in China, China has become one of the most powerful Global economies. Based in Shanghai, at the economic center of fast developing China, Jiatao’s mission is to help Chinese companies to produce high quality, lower power and high performance products. Jiatao represents companies with advanced technologies and a high degree of innovation. RF Integration offers a strong RF and wireless capability to Jiatao, as it bridges the gap of business, culture and technology to achieve win-win-win collaborations in the region.

RF Integration enrolls in the Design and Reuse Website

Design and Reuse, D&R, provides a global collaboration network for sharing design resources in the SoC industry. As RF Integration broadens its IP offering, D&R offers a broad footprint in the rapidly growing IP market. RF Integration was recently ranked number 1 in RF and Wireless based on D&R’s statistics, highlighting the clear need for its product offering. RF Integration has released four IP Data Sheets on the D&R website: