Turn Key SoC

Turn Key SoC

The concept of a “System on Chip” (SoC) conjures up large complex digital ICs with tens of millions of gates. What is less obvious is the compelling for need low power mixed mode ICs with integrated low power processors, analog instrumentation and a Radio subsystem. With applications spanning M2M, medical sensors, personal area network industrial automation and wireless sensor networks, this new generation of SoCs provides low cost and low power wireless connections, signal processing and sensing capabilities. With Digital gate counts ranging from a few hundred thousand to a few million, precision analog instrumentation and a multi mode or multiband radios, these SoCs can significantly reduce the cost, size or power consumption compared to off the shelf Zigbee, Bluetooth or 802.11 chip sets.

RF Integration combines the three major capabilities required for these SoC solutions under one roof.

RF and Analog IP

RF and Analog IPFrom building blocks such as Low Noise Amplifiers or VCOs through complete Radio Subsystems, RF Integration has the capability to develop a full custom RF and Analog subsystem. This includes all the power regulation, A/D and D/A conversion as well as control and calibration loops and temperature sensors. RF Integration can also implement modulation and demodulation of the RF signal in the analog or digital domain.

Synthesizable Digital Cores

Synthesizable Digital CoresRF Integration’s ability to support a full digital design and verification flow allows integration of your proprietary digital IP, third party IP or custom logic design into a full mixed mode design. Building blocks such as mircocontrollers, RAM, ROM or EEPROM, processing blocks and house keeping functions such as timers and GPIO can be specified and included in the SoC.

3rd Party Analog IP

3rd Party Analog IPRF Integration has the partnerships in place to source high performance analog IP. Many critical analog functions can be integrated in an SoC thereby reducing the cost size weight and power.

RF Integration's SoC Solutions – A case study

You are challenged to reduce the size, cost and power consumption of your existing wireless product. Marketing inputs suggest this must be achieved while adding a long list of new features - new operating frequencies, compatibility with a new standard, additional processing power and configurability. You’ve surveyed the products on the open market. Parts count and cost will increase significantly. Besides, that one chip that accounts for 50% of your cost is only available from a single source.

Perhaps it is time to consider taking control of your destiny and investigating an SoC solution.