Turn Key System in Package (SiP)

Turn Key SiP

Complete Radio Subsystems

  • Power Amplifiers and T/R switches
  • RF and Analog blocks
  • Digital processing


  • Multilayer laminate
  • LTCC
  • Chip on board
  • SMT


  • Full system validation

System in Package (SiP)
solutions offer a short term improvement inoverall System Cost and Board Space. SiPs can be designed with existing RF Integration ICs or third party ICs. SiP design techniques yield 40-60% size reduction and 20% cost reduction with development lead times of 6 months.

SiP solutions fill the gap between expensive bulky discrete designs and IC based solutions.

RF Integration’s SiP Solutions

RF Integration’s SiP Solutions

Case 1 - Consumer Electronics.

RF Integration reduced the size of a customer’s digital audio solution by 81% going from concept to production in 6 months.

Case 2 – Data Links.

Leveraging one of RF Integration’s existing direct conversion ICs, a SiP design reduced the bill of materials from 1100 components to 380 components. The corresponding board size reduction was 54%.

Case 3 – Sensors.

RF Integration developed a ruggedized module for an ultra wideband (3.5 to 7GHz) radio system including all the passive components. RF and baseband signal processing ICs and Embedded filters were all integrated into a rugged LTCC based SiP solution.

What can RF Integration’s SiP solutions do for you?